WATCH: 'James Blunt Gets Blunt' About His Personal Photos

August 28, 2017

James Blunt is known for making us laugh with his outrageous photos that he is always sharing online. So we had to hear about some of the stories behind those crazy posts when we asked James to "Get Blunt" with us in our EXCLUSIVE video.

James dissected a few of his craziest Instagram photos for us during our interview.

He told us about being a ceremonial bodyguard for the Queen. Wait, really? Plus, James warned us about stalkers.  "We all have stalkers," James said. Yet, we think James' stalker looks... a little familiar. See for yourself below:

Grrrr. Sexy. @teddysphotos

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Isn't James on tour with that guy?

Yes, he has been appearing on Ed Sheeran's Divide (÷) Tour, which is currently making its way across the United States. 

James' fifth studio album, which is titled The Afterlove, was released earlier this year. It includes the hit singles "Love Me Better," and "Bartender." You can purchase the full album here