The Car Doctors

Saturday (3PM - 4PM)

On the airwaves for 7 years, THE CAR DOCTORS are on each Saturday from 3 p.m. – 4 p.m. Running the gamut of the automotive industry, the Car Doctors (Scotty of Arvada Auto Tech, Jamie of Ferrari of Denver, and Ace-mechanic Tony Peak of Loophole Racing/Paul Dallenbach crew) offer sound advice, product awareness, industry news, all peppered with fun. Its audience is comprised of listeners that don’t know a lot about cars, to car enthusiasts, (DIY) do-it-yourself folks, business/service professionals; car race drivers, car collectors, car clubs, auto shows, folks that love to be entertained, and more.

By tuning in, you’ll hear us share our expertise on what you can do to your car to make it last as long as possible, 200,000 miles is our goal. We want to educate you, help you understand more about your car—try to protect you from possibly getting the wrong thing done, or what you should do if something has gone wrong after the car was fixed, which can happen.

The Car Doctors’ listeners love cars, including hotrods, muscle cars, classic cars; they love their entertainment and music. Since entertainment + cool cars go hand-in-hand, the Car Doctors mesh the two to create a potent mix.

The Car Doctors have a bevy of guests, ranging from race car drivers (Mianna Wick, Paul Dallenbach, Miss Mighty Mopar), speedway owners (Bob Boileau/President of Pikes Peak International Raceway; Jim Nordhougen/President of Colorado National Speedway; Sporty Bandimere/Bandimere Speedway); to music entertainers (Charlie Daniels, Jimmy Velvet, 2-time CMA "Publicist of the Year” Award winner Jennifer Bohler), Car Club Presidents, Auto Show Event Organizers (Erie Chamber’s Town Fair & Balloon Festival/Garage Rats Car Show, Erie Brewfest, Havana Cruz, Colfax Cruz, Crème de Chrome/Rocky Mtn. Autoshow), to pro athletes like Broncos former Running Back Jeff Alexander, who chatted with us about the “Big Day Before the Superbowl."


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CALL-IN LIVE DURING THE SHOW (ON AIR): 303-631-1430, Saturdays 3 p.m. - 4 p.m.

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