Colorado Veteran's Resource Show - 4.16.17

Sunday, April 16th


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This week on the Colorado veterans Resource Show on Cruisin' 1430 we'll visit with Gordon Page for the Spirit of Flight Museum up and -- some exciting things in great events coming up its spirit of flight will also talk with the Denver VA with our friend Dan Warvi -- about volunteer services what they do with volunteers how much they wrote why are new volunteers and how you can give your self involved Sue Smith come by the Legacy Foundation of the Colorado Air National Guard and she's also going this year a scout project an eagle scout project that him false flag retirement you have the standard old flags will tell you how you can dispose of them properly and finally the veterans resource fair is next Saturday will tell you what awaits you there it's the Colorado veterans resource show it starts right now. And welcome to this week's. Colorado's veterans resource show right here recruits and 1430 we're Crandall back with you this Saturday of this Sunday noon eastern we just write sing Easter afternoon hopefully New York. Day has been there are going well when did your celebrations. Just beautiful and some joints in good time together. And thanks for making time for us as well as part of your day today this is the program it's my four in about coloradans veterans and we've got to really falling great show planned for you today we're going to be talking a bit with the folks over at the Denver VA here a little bit later in the show. Talk about their resources available trying to make things a little more easily accessible for you that's the whole point of heaven the VA armed with this weekend and we cannot but the people who can they can help us with things like that occidental chemical little bit later in the show. Also they're talked about it flag retirement it's coming up soon people Lotta times call about what how away dispose of my flag how do we get rid of it weather's going to be a larger flag disposal ceremony and 10%. We're gonna talk about that with you a little bit well and and other things are gonna do in the show we'll get a kick it off today. With my friend Gordon paid to have known through a very long time with the spirit of flight how you doing. Warner Kerry Saturday aren't well thinks. It's great heavy on the show appreciate some time with you today. Well early or did it yeah I think so. I wanna start like tuna usually do I never like to assume that everybody knows about Jim what you do to select the lip started the beginning and talked about a spirit fly. Well this is my hobby out of control as usual the witnessed yeah. Good you know we're all volunteer nonprofit organization data leaks. It's structured number one to honor all veterans Nantucket we educate the general public can't mediation should treat so what you're doing in MR I didn't really complement each other side dirty cap and you know. Then we'd do the best that we can get in the war. I we have an amazing collection up you're. Over a thousand artifacts from deeply 1935. Through 1970 I forty year window should treat. And we like to focus on both military and in general aviation. Unblocked or you're gonna see outside of the only entitled collection. Sure I can vouch for that having been there myself. A couple of times in the end take immature and you know seeing all the though the items that are up there if you are. I get the opportunity to go to the spirit of a flight museum a build in some time because you don't want to just hurried through you wanted to do little time and and learn to read and discovered touching new although itself there really is a very cool place to be. Ends in Gordon in the team up there are really good about you guys are great in terms of scheduling special events that provide even you know you take to people outside the museum as well as inside. Yeah we try to do these second conference Saturday and then. On the end what we do something different throughout the year coming out of winter right now. The next eleven that we had to your most recent event in heat. Our whole show that we do manually but next month and may well have these are under game which will be an annual celebration of a local outstrip our. And then the good news is that you know it's right around the corner from there we starter partial line inched. Our leading up to our biggest fundraiser of the year which is spirit flight day now beyond Saturday July deny it at least this year. And there aren't you have worked are there really can really get summer. I've tried different shows an opportunity people come out from the new. And doesn't you don't really get a grasp so we're trying to do here. You are to try to see the aviation history. I will tell you if you've got a grand children. So we took our grandsons up a couple of years ago to. And that a special day the big day and they still talk about it now a couple years later I'm due to bring him back up again this year but it do you know took. To be that close to planes and cars and aviators and everything was referred yup for young boys it was like to dream day. Oh god he always gets started in this you know we look at Keener playing it over any driver Ryan. And the murderer structure like so why call it spear at the plate because it's you know with the need you can't help it. Sure now I want to me madam scandal introduced people in Europe by the Jiri airport who would tell people exactly where your. Yeah we're we're actually on the west side of the Erie airport to basically highway just bench become quite played five highway to heaven bless court blocked yet. Cap here quarter. The next street can take its county line road. And did take it north and one half mile or the big screen here on the right hand site. And once you get Terry Daniels you'll see Elvis collection that they haven't really really very easy to find but what we you'll notice that there's a special project. That's under way the veterans flag wall and I'm I'm really is excited to hear about this from him. Well Rick we we could try deer cave not to build any a black granite monument dedicated all veteran servers grant you. Actually special project and that's one of the things that we wanted to duke it out out loud and that particulars. Area of reflection. And it's typical did you black hole around an airport we are not. You gotta have white line gave him all kind of heard the FAA should Little League came up with the idea. Q do. What we call our veterans floodwall project what do you coach tradition it looked like Portland leading model black and did. Deeply put together of three inch by four inch. Called like black. Two different that flew into organization. Ever want to you got such children are decent storms is massive beautiful flag. You'll be the backdrop behind the black granite monument area. So we accomplished. You think Warren. So that we terrified in place that's probably the number wanting to promote street are larger flap. Well you know we have big black all over the median and tried. Outside this will be our mean art piece. And it really I think people compliment end up off that debt area of honor re election that you veterans. Nice. Let's not always good jobs so people can donate the different ways. Yeah there's a couple different ways. We have a really nice new web site at an auction had a chance to build you. Another road. The other a really nice we have just linking into you look at that and why the law project look out. And they can okay Nash you go online and contribute there are they can download. Many are afraid donation page unless you copy independent. I did program is pretty cool they can beat three line did a heck of a beautiful inside Iraq. And think he'd do it in a one time payment of 100 dollars. Or let them do over a year or did not notified what oh cup of our look right. And able to automatically kick dad out. It's my actors actually need this certificate upon request so that people can. Certainly did. Tell her that you put on the sacramental. That are hurt somebody you don't remember. Perfect perfect. I think this is really cool eleven I can't wait to see it when it's finished in him he hits can be summed embassy open and. Well you know that we are treaty he was the right way. I'm really thankful that we captain Jerry get corporate sponsorship already committed to helping build. The actual structure you know it's expensive. To put that piece together that you got through corporate sponsors actually build the wall. And then Cilic in the flag and this strike in the all the blue what he's personalized Clapton went and get traction on it. I have a lot of extra space so anybody looking out here. I would love that you be a part of this really special project. Excellent parts of the web site is. Pure play. Car okay easy enough spirit of slate dot com we'll give to their. And there's a ton of information available on the website of the near to look. And it's really easy to navigate soon. And as you'll find all the information you need to you can get involved you can get tickets to upcoming events you can. It's just really good place to check from time to time to see what's going on to become a friend of the place and they'll send you notes and reminders about things that are happening as well. They weren't sure appreciate your great support here it's been. I really interesting ride since he's started DM UVM we got recent uninteresting times including a word. We're moving forward and possibly a fashion show real good about only seventeen who worked in the Jacob. All right they Gordon good to catch up my friend thank you in I'll be up there to see assumes. Conflict based collective thinks I have a great Easter weekend. All right thanks so much there you go Gordon page and again it is the spirit of flight museum it's up off the Erie airport. In if you go to spirit of flight dot com you can get all kinds of information they're doing great work are two really great work up there. Ends it's a fun place to take care especially young people who might beginning unit. A little bit of an inkling that daylight deviation or maybe it's an introduction for the mid deviation. Gonna turn one of those flying in days when they have kids are rednecks the airport and it's a little women's triple to you know the superior court it's not huge so you go in the planes flying in and it's canned meat to be close to him oftentimes they'll taxing them over closer to the museum so yeah check it out integrate. Are right we'll take a break come back Olivier back with us the Denver VA and more answers your questions about it. It benefits them how to access them and try to make it a little bit easier for him to get those things that you're entitled to for your service. On the Colorado veterans resource show recruits and 143 thanks for spending Easter Sunday with the us. Round one of the military service of our citizen soldiers with the Colorado veterans resource show. Time for more valuable information for those who have served. Well it's Easter Sunday of my friends and their glad to have you sharing part of this very special day with us here in the Colorado veterans a resource showed crews in 1430. Of course every week we look forward to spending some time on the program with our friends from the VA he and this order talked to rubio won the big calls that I haven't received your two radio station. Often over the 26 years have been here is how can I help how are you know what can I do for veterans are gonna be a part of you know assisting those that serve and one of the great ways you can do it he is with the folks out of the voluntary service program to being a the guy who's the chief of all that is Tim Ward V friend of mine he's with us on the show today you don't. A couple of good morning thank you for a mile show being. Of course it's great to have you are so. Our chief tell me about your voluntary services. I am so it just remind everybody coming up here the week of April 23 is actual national volunteer week in this little weak established our President Nixon in 1974 or urge Americans to volunteer in their communities and every sitting US president since then. Has basically cut that same executive order and with the coming up I wanted to come on and talk about my bullet here so. Our first stop the first thing I gotta say is whether your volunteer at a VA York you're your local community center thank you for your thank you for your efforts and thank you for making your community stronger. I wanna brag a little bit above my volunteers. That provide a tremendous amount of support for veterans. What did you really you know make medical facility hold up a welcoming places they can tell me. You know illegal labor lady helped relax couple trying to place. Dylan tears just really can make a difference for the veteran fighter and you know what. Anyone can volunteer and got a remote connection you can topple the stated that clear audience how they can do. Jerk I would love their first thing I want you to do. You know I've seen the statistics you've shared them from me over the years 74000. Active volunteers ten point six million hours of service to veterans I mean those are big numbers. And it's very interesting because we BA voluntary service has been around for just about 77 years and a is it. I mean it's animated statistic that there's 90000 veterans that come due clinic every day. And there's over a 100000 volunteers within the VA system that is assisting them. Come here locally have got just about 11100 active volunteers in the last year contributed 465000. Hours Serb attacks. And up out. How little what they had a all the donations. Ample cash awards and clothing and that they're degenerates towers of its four point five million dollars and they've donated to this PH system here. Can't that is really didn't think it would work really critical programs that are really a lot of essential services and they. Did have an impact I mean what but he can tell you is my volunteer drivers with a Disabled American Veterans transportation. Hundreds of thousands of my health and taking retro turn as far away it'll Marin Alamos for a in getting it here to the Denver VA clinic come from up north and often reluctant politician I end. Some and we've never really control production trucks just 11 incredible thing that might hold the that I getting volunteers to try to help of how little. Very curious are. Some things you wanna brag about they know you mean you mention bragging about Osama supportive things and years folks have done there. I still won't. We could just think what people it'll work volunteer they'd think oh god I'm just gonna you know cookies and take into the front door and in Boca usually break down into. Four basic categories. And that is true whether you're volunteering to think Joseph Serbs or a community center court here to be a well we have classical regular service followed cures a lot of people. They have the designated volunteer position and they tell on a regular schedule and they perform pretty much a certain task. And again that that is something as simple as important as my information desk veterans like talking to other veterans didn't feel comfortable volunteers so we had to tell. We get the ball away but. For example my infusion clinic were veterans to chemotherapy treatment I have an outstanding rocked Turkey the veterans that are there every day to make sure. Petra need to blanket do they need a cool thing UAW. Local political get a nurse. Although the go to choked on a regular basis for the regular schedule and help out the checkpoint. Though they. That schedule so I have a veteran and former marine and the computer programmer he's currently working with my pharmacy staff dreaded it access database. Amtrak crew beat expiration of certain prescription drugs. And we're basically heading up the right drug to the right time so they don't expire we reduce waste. He'd have noticed that schedule but he's working on the project or into telling you a lot of hours I did not coming in Libya can. You do attend. Patrick Patrick. The hurt like you have in the community that have been so low to begin example the national association limited construction came out a couple weeks ago. And you can repair hasn't paid her Fisher Al and that's the rubble to double house for veterans we have a lot of Fitzsimmons. I'll Lockheed Martin Kaiser Permanente come pretty regular basis point quarter. And they may in our coffee cart bickering help these next pop chart of the veterans. Public out there well Xcel Energy as the veteran employee groups because then looked at quarter and brings simply get. And it's like it's what you really well thanks opiates W post one of downtown Denver every Sunday comes then transport Mike can you living that are residents. A liberal to the chapel for the potential big circle. And then lastly I would call a special event volunteers. And beautiful here is double take special event and support that effort focused they're here. We'll look generated played the blue wee bit here and in Colorado I think it's smoky hill vineyard church. Every year on Memorial Day and veterans they they put out a veteran guy quit all the veterans. 3400 anytime they have your kids they have to politics it's they had a close. And that's before they're focused the whole all these dependable consultant. There's also group Harley-Davidson riders on the fourth of July weekend. I'm here in Denver committed to living center and give the residents are right there early like cars and they tell you for those that that is really the highlight of the summer that they get out get it. Going from right around the city and people come and how do they clap if it just really an amazing. And that is closed due to smoky hill vineyards folks come to the radio station every year to talked about. The events that they do and we try to supported with some of public service announcements here and help them together a good that they need to pull that off they are really really good people. But I don't even have to be a big group people who call for the city of illiquid credit counselor. The flexible so they showed up there are all the stomach O'Leary. With peace and soft drinks and basically troop build a Liberal Party forum such. Okay that's really good job for everyone who volunteer you don't you can be at being organized community groups you can just use somebody with a special skill a lot of help out the guilt that job for every one. Yeah excellent so coach being in that way that there is an opportunity for everyone how how or how they find the opportunities how have you signed up. The couple different way it's I have voluntary service coordinators bed all the major clinics held. Of unsecured to Denver BA I have an additional staff member names chuck Fletcher that he is responsible for the Denver VA medical center Kilmeny Courtney Graham is in charge of the golden VA clinic and also spent two days a week out there are more facilities to immediately with a slick court leader go to Colorado Springs to talk it appears to Lidstrom collect. And keep Anderson coordinator at the yes TJ into the clinic in Pueblo. So nobody can be easy thing to do it's he would come and bring photo ID and pass for application will get you started. Take about three to four days for the we have to do a background check when you fingerprints. They need to be badge there's some preliminary training they can take anywhere for a couple days and weeks depending on how long background check out. If you wanna try to do things go blind if eagle simply to WWW. Volunteer. Doug GA dot gov pat. And there's a link right there because volunteer and donate. You can still appeal went application. From the US would still have to be committed do that. Back and checked the it's dvds detail. Well I know some people. Hectic 21 century not everybody has a lot of time to volunteer. The other thing they're really need folks to do that it's related to donate. Cannot think thank you the BB BA just rolled up program yesterday as a matter fact that when you're on the culture pages and he'd donate link. You can use the pay cut go to government web site to pay without any fees to make a donation can be programs and services. When you do that will be a pop up menu you can choose any number of programs that comes a couple of things that. You know we use our money for is for example from my low income public that kind of thing you've got to get to their appointment. I've got a blender here and happy how about. Follow me so lay low income veteran. Likely eat at some student veterans that are just getting by the jet built there's there's good security issues so. I can pick up a mile or want to while we can't deductions for here. Veterans that are impatient here there's a great crew called volunteers throttle as veterans but the thing. Likewise I slept and slip a failure medevac cure from another VA premature shot at a hospital gum they're happy to buy. He sure can talk and Fletcher veterans. Oh residential PT SD that it is due to lower middle of real role our programs in the country. But the veterans there. You don't need help you do that in a widescreen TV I want to hospitalized veteran pitcher no problem we will apple helped teach you the money and they donated that money and go to that television. So I mean there's a couple of different things that deviate us from veterans that are fully funded. But disappointed by low we can't and that's all the programs are an awful donation. Couple nothing just happened is did you see national cable sports when a diplomat just finished a couple weeks ago. Hole. Of active duty and veterans get sent the sports clinic and it brilliant and their little mom's side and you have things like. Adopted Alpine skiing and scuba diving totally because this Bill Lester did that. That would be viewed there's rock collecting little sort of thing. First time attendees via the military service send them all expenses paid. So that you want to go back that's fun though they have to come to the front and I donate everything from. Transportation to the total cost certain you know just occasional thing we help without a so if you could at least donate under the date we we have a number of different programs. When you look at that thing that everything from. I have a program or we pay for people to commit torque for a look community living center of the residents. Not to care for the people on treatment that pace that I can pick let us tickets they can pay for. More trying to organize at all that your daughter card they were just featured nineteen a couple of weeks ago. I'm trying to help without. Even simple as. Deal are applied for the veterans and fumbled our residential units will clearly could go to a couple weeks Anita can do I buy the stake. You can choose people can donate and they can choose exactly what they wanted to donate silk. I can assure you a 100% of that money go straight to the program because I have looked a full time staff there's no overhead. Sure. That's all great stuff trim. And you know it is unity you know welded we're here were always trying to find ways to support to work because you down there and and in our crowd to brag about all the the wage help veterans and and try to give our listeners involved but to have you here. Share in the news with them and how easy it is to be a part of all of that is really helpful. First idea until. Want to know what to do I would your misses are people let me yourself what would push your your greatest voluntary end up in what's the most outstanding Algeria happened. First element failed to devote the ties that. I don't know a little bit of your can be heard about the story of Julian getting this feature doesn't have an everyday hero and also particularly mega. So for your audience so you know that's so Julian is totally compassion corps volunteers in the VA as a program that says no virtual dialogue. And Julian job is that there's a veteran that's terminally ill in hospital care hospitals and you don't have failing anymore are he doesn't have friends or he's a normal situation. Julian the full NBA plate did vote. Hours sometimes days making sure that veteran has some let them when he passed this. And I've seen Jillian poll full shift from 430 to noon get a phone call for the nurses. Not even hesitate when the bears didn't. Hours sometimes days with that I can to make sure he has some what some. But still it. I also think a little truck drivers the guys that. Are outside of VFW all it Lamar patent for actually attended service probable more for the morning load of the bad. Drive that your entry charge of the neared their tournaments and I really think my confusion for the guys who are really taking pictures sourcing construction making sure there are so. I guess I would say is that your audience got if you wanna show how are you that our veterans that they care about them to come volunteered to BA. Can can show that you care about them every day. Perfect. And it's always a pleasure to catch up with you two and thanks for your time today and we'll keep sending people your way. All right we'll take our listeners. Ideally there. There you go dam were viewed him with. The VA he is MB very passionate about his work you can obviously hear that and you know what that's the guy you want a bad job right somebody who has the passion. For helping our veterans that's what that's what he does stadium in day out in this he said he can't do it without the volunteers. In silicon history to hear from them in the amazing things that are going on with volunteers. At the VA that's folks like you that are down there helping them all the. It is. Colorado's veterans the resource show providing opportunities like doubt we Hayward and then you have more to do you stay right here. This weekend military history takes us both to World War I and World War II let's start in this day in 1918. Six days after being assigned for the first time to the western front to American pilots from the US first aero squadron engage in America's first aerial dogfight with the enemy aircraft. In a battle fought almost directly over the allied squadron aero Drummond France US flyers Douglas Campbell and I'll win win slow succeed in shooting down two German to cedars. By the end of may Campbell had shut down five enemy aircraft making him the first American to qualify as a flying peace in World War I. This day 27 years later Robert dole later US senator in 1996 presidential candidate was severely crippled by an artillery shell. Robert dole served in the 85 regiment of the tenth mountain division and while stationed in Italy he participated in operation craftsman where he was wounded during a firefight with German troops dole spent nearly forty months in army hospitals in Los most of the use of his right arm as a result this day in military history on the Colorado veterans are resource show. Brown do want the military service of our citizen soldiers with the Colorado veterans resource show. Time for more valuable information for those who have served. Well my friends welcome it is the Colorado veterans resource show right here and cruise and 1430. I'm really excited to have you with sincere on this Easter Sunday and and you are excited every week that it's a special day it's an air raid in. For those that are serving abroad away from home during the holidays we'd like to keep them in our thoughts especially on this Easter Sunday. And there are many from Colorado that are far from home ray didn't those serving in the garden the reserve and on active duty many branches and in which. We do you know with a population of veterans we have in Colorado and Syria dig high number in the 400000. Stretch. State of five million net quite a few of us that have served or continue to serve so the show like this really important to talk to folks and what we try to do here every weekend program this year. Available resource is no information by Ford about veterans people that are helping veterans opportunities for you to be involved in in helping or serving and my Francis has been helping answering true very very long time and announced governor Celsius one of those. Is she Americana kindred spirits in that no is a word that we don't use often enough. We'd probably all she is important that we do we give ourselves a note this that the whole Levin the other thing are you doing. I'm Harry here are well thank you so I'm excited to hear about the legacy foundation this is this is something new to me and did indeed use your Dutton your hands around this and tell me I can't wait to hear about it. We'll look pretty excited Rick it's a brand new nonprofit in Colorado is that Colorado air guard's game. My legacy foundation and we just found that it and it primarily comprised of leadership that are retired combat air guard members. And the organization is dedicated to serving the interest of the combat air national guide. And our intent is to promote outreach honoring service speed and handling it very big court. And it and it just seemed reliving history and legacy of the organization. And that obviously include some of the history and legacy of our own. Beautiful Colorado. Nice nice the Colorado beer garden. I mean it's history is rich in its you know some of the things they've accomplished and continued to accomplish. Throughout history admits it it's really remarkable unit. It's wonderful group and gotten. Behind you know I'm like you I work with our veterans community and military community can and does the couple members of the Colorado air guard can mean different talking and mention that there is some struggle when it comes to supporting an event that increase the morale. And them. Them their recognition program did help the soldiers have to find themselves that day there's homecoming celebration. For our troops. There around the handling it pretty much have to find it and the bet is not right I of the citizens don't think that's right and I think it's important that we help. Not only recognize it. But improve the morale. And so these there's some of the things that we're going to be doing and I wanna make sure our troops now that we appreciate everything they do our guard members. You know has family pet Dodd have light eventually have to keep going in the midst of their service to our nation and felt. Do until we can to get encourage support. And promote them and so those are some of the goals and they can't let their guard national. Legacy foundations. At perfect inch and end to you should know because I know many abusive debt listened to the radio station know the work that we do with the National Guard foundation which is. Separate in and of itself and that's. That said Dave Nagel in in Charlene shields in that wonderful team that works there just to support families during deployments and things like that and they do remarkable work. Where it would Suze talking about now on this wonderful new legacy foundation is working with the year guard the folks. This terrified as beautiful F sixteens out there and in support them in so. In both very important and worthy of support so I just I wanted to be sure that we you know delineate between the two. Absolutely and that's a very good point Rick we did meet early on him with chaplain an angle to make sure that both the organization Dora line get our thinking. We actually believe that we can work in tandem can support each other and not. Distract or deter from the missions. Global group yeah. And so there are people that will want to do the things that the foundation does. And held chaplain meg gonna help build families OK and didn't get my not what they're doing. We will direct donors for them get I think hate to end and back and forth and we're gonna have a board member of sudden I had the foundation. On our board had to do don't trip over each other as we want to be efficient effective couple groups are all about supporting our cut out of guard Stanley. Yes absolutely right and so and you know it's exciting him. The more people that are helping. The merrier as far as I'm concerned Lou and so I'm excited this is kind of a neat new chapter in the inning congratulations going to be cool to watch it grow in the NC the fund things that you come up with now speaking of fun things. Find as much as it is informative. This flag retirement Mitt I thought I had and then nickel for every call I've gotten at the radio station over the years about how you properly disclose to dispose of flags. You know either retired about ten years ago because it's a really the important thing to know that there's a right way to do tests. The that is very true and it's been very important to. Didn't particularly our veterans they understand why at the flag need to be treated with respect him what it stands for and similar blade out and now tell me about. The initiative that were involved in that the community wide initiative. That being held on May think that the rocky mountain fire academy here in Denver. And we're working with. A boy scout troop particularly young man named DeVon Bowen who is working on his eagle out so this is his eagle scout project. We will be working with cheap 788. And working with BMW post one. The governor Bob Hope. Timber fire department it's just a remarkable partner on net and the FBI citizens academy alumni association is helping would be. Glad crap for the ceremony. They're denying them a blend of community groups and community members working together and I did I get involved if I really liked to have. The generations. A fact. So I like bringing the cab together with our veterans that Leo how does generations working together. Similar that you may have the program that you do you reckon preserving some of that history and connecting those generations. So that we don't forget and we don't have generation coming up I don't understand or respect. The proper way to retire a flag and I love that these scouts are very passionate about this and they get it and they wanna be part of that and more than other actually leading the charge I think that's pretty remarkable. That's very cool now now that we've planted the seed with folks. And so do that will be on May sixth will. Will we be encouraging people to bring worn flags there do they need to do before then how does that work. We're going to begin and we're dropping Bakken gosh Ed timber fire departments this patient and that they didn't look collect flags and and there's going to be a press. Copper and I'm ready to release about that we open elevate the page to promote the effort. But the flag can be dropped say Denver fire department station that we'll collect those. The week of April 27. And then we're gonna have looked like crap which includes. The proper heading and preparing for. The burning of the flag would just follow the proper protocol. Corps flag retirement. That will be held on March 13 April 29 and solely looking for volunteers for that that information will be on the FaceBook page ashamed and then. Makes six. It will be the actually bend at the rocky mountain fire academy. OK perfect. Armed FaceBook page not up yet. Oh yes. Some. Kids just like. They look at flag retirement. Come right out then Hezbollah showed me sick I don't have the because you can actually there's no cop obviously. But before. And security and to make sure you know we respect the rule of the venue as we get that higher academy. You can get your free tickets the magic give that the head count them. Do you jolly partner at information for the event. Perfect Ari NM and coach continued to mentioning event keep telling people about it right here at dual radio how soon we can that. It is many of those old worn flags properly respected in disposed of Penn in at the same time give people. Involved in in learning about today of how this happened sin in being a participant and then they're able to share in their communities as well so. Good onion scouts and in particular when you Meehan who I'm fairly sure will soon be any Costco. I FF FF that it it. Well listen and that's his great you know his left catch an upper orbit to both of us are so busy we never seem to actually have a moment at the same time that we can sit and say so much they rescue effort for being here and sharing congratulations. Wins. Of the wonderful world work couldn't be doing with the new legacy foundation come thanks for the likes to just keep you know it. Look two shows on every week so anytime you got stuff let me know. Thank you Rick we really appreciate that help and gear here. As part of our veterans are so critical if they never doubt about the Colorado. Air National Guard legacy foundation is important that we have faith that paid him and welcome to just take a look at that come laying TO AND legacy at the end for foundation to speak and learn more about the organization you can donate if you want to hand. And if you want to keep apprised of what's going on they're gonna page and that's the great resource. Perfect are you my friend we'll keep sharing that with folks and thanks for what you do Aussie assumed. I take care there you go sue Smith and again it is the Colorado Air National Guard legacy foundation. And a brand new foundation to support to work here in the families of those who serve in the Colorado Air National Guard now. Again to delineate there is a Colorado National Guard foundation we support out of the radio station every year with operation Christmas joy and and other things that we do here so I'm just. A new foundation specifically for the air side of the house. In yeah we'll keep telling you about all the good work to do and at Colorado National Guard and air national hurricane. There you go how about after a whole bunch of information and a goodly for a student going it is the Colorado veterans resource show. And we've got plenty more to do don't you dare go. Round one of the military service of our citizen soldiers with the Colorado veterans resource show. Time for more valuable information for those who have served. What more segments ago this Easter Sunday on the Colorado veterans resource show read your cruise in 1431. Thanks for listening of course we appreciate your I aimed attendance every week and then Mitt this is kind of just fun for me to catch up with the Rebecca always anyway considered just to have a good friend of mine Rebecca sort of Smith who's with the VA he and is guy she does she heard if you look at it like courage title underneath her name on anything she sin just like seventeen linesmen won't cheat. She's the is that you know every. The replay says that person Americans that personnel Eudora or. So what we've really been working hard together and here lately is this. Wonderful event it's going to be next Saturday at the Hyatt a roar conference center which is on Colfax directly across from. From a Duma the new VA hospital it's being built in Children's Hospital over there and it is our spring veterans resource and jobs for your good friends over Humana are helping support this and of course she does. This is this is a pretty cool thing. Is I'm telling you we have learned through outreach stagnant veterans just don't know what. Resources Amare out there for them. And we've also found that you know there's a lot of veterans and suddenly serve in about can be even active duty that are going to be even get out of the first time. You know need help get a job. Yeah exactly right am. And then just what we think we've done a brilliant job of letting everybody know about you get a call from a veteran who set well I have no idea named Riley. Yeah. And that's why I'm here. That earlier I read his word America hopefully get the word out some more reviewing your going this year the word with others so this is absolutely free from nine to noon on Saturday the 22 two and who's gonna be there. While that there's a wide variety of organizations that are going to be there. I see businesses find colonial life first bank got back so I'm more this goes on business finder and of course they are kind of job it's not just Hillary it's not just dumb business managers spent. They need the idea. People working there they need ITT they need HR. Leader across the ninety. They're going to be okay can you relay Colorado and actually gonna could be a medical center is going to either one thing that we've found can listen not only are there. You know business majors they get other terrorists they got to college we commodity business major there's a lot of opportunities for. Those guys but there's a lot also but come out with medic or some type of you know medical experience in the third best and what a great opportunity down the VA medical center of their hiring. Yeah absolutely right I mean you read across street from where you will be opening. I know hello how wonderful stuff and of course we also find that people up I'm. You know where military police for something I that's so we're trying to get some of those organizations there as well. There's a wide price Halliburton just down I joined us as well bank of England and welfare and how to resource affairs so. You want a federal job you know that's something that you want to look into you'd veteran conference for the idea Serb didn't. And the military. And so you need a ladder same now usurped and that you're at a certain percentage and and that gives you conference center hello how are outreach specialist to our benefit specialists there vocational rehabilitation employment coordinator and then eight. Permanent veteran I division of veterans affairs there as well help you out getting the latter giving you count for each helping direct he's letting you know. I think you have some extra benefits because he's served to helping you get a job. And and I'm loving I'm looking over the list you know FedEx will be there they're there they're doing hiring. That we mentioned. Some others were highly at hotels will be there maybe a few observers thought about getting into the hospitality industry. We should let you know that's of the Border Patrol will be there are around the park service will be there I mean city of Aurora is going to be there aren't. I'm so there are lots of folks that are looking to hire the National Guard will be there if you can continue your service you can talk to the guard about about their opportunities. Yeah there's a wide variety about what I'd like somehow lead to put this together last year when we can't let that happen gardens we you know we held warlord T event. Learn about hearing it can leak. Help people get jobs on this tie it up we have an opportunity also. The campaign. We're going to have insisted there are concerned QB who can now Chinese into around the outside and be ready for that John Boehner beat. Ten and grab a book so concerned companion is the first state in the second didn't work kids folks. Oh yeah we've been able to you think it's completely trumka donors who works hard and turned and you know your community thank you very much people came into our dependence on our employee if everybody stepped up. I got thousands and trek. Yeah and believe. We've country about a half of those but we still have a tremendous amount organ need about extracts so. Offend Catholic you're beautiful and just see the faces of those I am give them out I try to. Ended proceeded faces of those three C even though it's pretty young guy if you don't how I think Kodak com. So it's and that's been out of out of the workplace has allowed grab it and see. You know we're great we're just busy women right now I'm feeling pretty good. A lot of really good things are going on and I'm I'm just delighted were part of a so. So I would say to folks if you're coming Saturday if you're a veteran in and can use you know little dressing up their combining them. Be able to assist with that if you have stuff just kept it at this is going to be a collection place. We don't have the facilities there to do that. But you know you're intrigued by that just stay tuned because sometime down the road once we go through the next 500 ruled will need some more and tell your thought they may be in the fall when we do our veterans fare over at Hilton garden but yeah. I would say exactly right exactly right so while this is this is exciting again free it is absolutely free for you to attend this. I want to and it's not just a job fair we're gonna resource yeah you seize all the veterans military active duty spouses. We know that one of veterans served. Anyone away and I don't ever remember is serving act differently certainly. Yeah absolutely right him. The Colorado division of veterans affairs will be there to answer questions American legion will be along paralyzed veterans of America Vietnam veterans and and so it goes in we're learning some of the resources as we dorm tour yeah it's going to be a great great day next Saturday. Looking forward to seeing you I will be out here every at least for the first hour of the event looking forward to seeing folks in in and I knew them. Hello and welcome come everyone and thanks again for your service and and I'm happy to provide the trees are. To do to build a Serb. Are you my friend. A happy day Easter Sunday and I will see you next weekend. Are about to take care there you go Rebecca Sawyer Smith with the VA she's one of the good folks that to really do. Care and wanna make a difference and and she does every day so I give him just to be cleared met Saturday nine to noon at Hialeah a roar conference center. Hundreds of career opportunities free and open to the public you do not need to be a veteran to attend this event. So if you're somebody else looking for work you can certainly visit with the folks there. There will be on site veteran friendly employers there right there is a veteran focused and if you're not a veteran you'll still. If you're looking for work wanna help you right so that's going to be next Saturday so come on by insidious I can't wait to CO view. Well that's going to be special thanks to the VA in the folks over there for their part and all of discussed frankly we can try to do a job fair ourself. It would not beat Mir as good as with dubious helping us put together. Next weekend so we are very grieve for the Rebecca and emit a. Just like that. We've run out of time for the Colorado veterans of resource show ready your cruise in 1430 it was a pleasure have a meal long again this Easter Sunday today. And our best wishes for your holiday today and to all those who do you have worn the uniform thank you for your service. We'll be back your next Sunday it is very same time or reminder share that with all your friends and if you ever miss a show we have the complete podcast available to cruise in 1430 dot com just click on the shows haven't. And you'll find disarray dear you can also reaches there if you have suggestions for future programs. Some topics you'd like for us to cover some guess you've liked just to invite and as always if you got a veterans' event we should know about clean shared the details. I'll see you next Sunday at the same time Monday morning for The Breakfast Club it's the Colorado veterans resource show exclusively at cruise and 1430.