Colorado Veteran's Resource Show - 7.30.17

Sunday, July 30th


This week talk to The Vietnam Helicopter Pilots, The Rocky Mountain Navy,The Horse Protection League and CU Denver about their Military Services.

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Reynolds veterans resource show on cruise in 1430 your connection to information in advance live for and about Colorado as military. Viennese and let's get started with the. This week's program you're just in time for the Colorado veterans resource should cruise and 1430 hi amber Crandall coming up this week on the program. Will visit with rear admiral retired Dick young about the rocky mountain navy association. An organization of navy vets right here in Denver that are doing good for the community will head up north and talk about the horse protection league do you know about this. In this churches brand showed up in our battle you're pretty interesting history speaking of history we'll talk about the anniversary of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis. And it's also the anniversary of the end of the Korean War this week. All of that and a whole lot more sit back and enjoy the Colorado veterans resource show the program by four in about Colorado veterans starts now. We're back here on the Colorado veterans resource show the program by four in about Colorado veterans are candle here with you on the sixteenth of July. Through this month already August BitTorrent that I think Q we're now four weeks away from the started school read a month away from start school Rorer public schools cherry creek schools and some of the other places I know some Serb leader bow wow wow while while married men and all the years and so triggered there are goes. We're in no hurry today because. Next guest is a great friend of mine and a somebody you. Spends a lot of his life. You know to kind of for promoting veterans' causes and issues and one that's a very near and dear to his heart which. Is the Vietnam helicopters pilots in the helicopter pilots association my friend bill house with a Soria. I am I'm not doing really don't really good Derek. Should more good morning so. I wanted to have dale here for a couple of reasons one because they're really wanna learn more about your organization I know a lot about a what you guys to hear from bill about to organization but to. It gives me a chance to thank him men in the group publicly for. Are coming out to the cholera to freedom memorial last weekend we have her open house out there we have a fabulous. Day out there. Tried to describe that you guys in the opening who showed today. But it was an exceptional day in. Part Leo well they're good reason why was because of dale and his group and other organizations like U2 came out and supported because so first. For me to you my friend thank you very much. Thank you thank you for having a shall there there was there was should yeah. An incredible fundraising event out there and stand up a lot of outpouring and so yeah. I was glad when I'm glad you did to end. And we got to introduce folks who were out there to the rocky mountain chapter of the Vietnam helicopter pilots association I think it's. Pretty self explanatory but tell folks about the group. OK during the Iraqi match after the Vietnam helicopter pilots association which is very. Just one of the chapters throughout the United States is associated with our parent organization of Vietnam helicopter pilot association. I made up primarily. Well I should they all. Helicopter pilot and blew himself to Asia during the Vietnam Mora. Vietnam era in 1961 of the 1975. And so the rocky mountain chapter made up of about how many folks. Yeah we have approximately. Forty actually members. Yeah there's approximately I would say eighty potential. Members. About half of the so we we so I've been able to capture about half. So that. Tony did and dale about about your time in the helicopter in Vietnam. Well I would excluding end in Vietnam. Huey helicopters. And UH one. And from April 1969. To April 70. I was stationed in the central Iowa and an area called play crude. Hand we went from. I was in. Eight troop 77 compared cavalier air Calgary you know. Com and now I'm we kind of traveled around a little bit so we spent some time and on UK and then we went back chew. You've played Ku. Concentration camp Holloway there. Blood is then said you'll know better then neither statistics perhaps brutal life has been said about. You know the old dove life expectancy of of an aircrew Arabian in helicopters send. I mean there's no hiding when you're in that thing. No there wasn't there pretty thin skin. Primarily sheet metal plate glass. We did have armored aviation armored plating. Played a sheet that we should ask him. But we were in do you want to protect it from the front. I don't know just cleared it shouldn't. We had the are putting underneath and on our back on each side. That jab from the front we are pretty pretty much exposed. But yes there was approximately. Eleven. A little over 111000 helicopter flew in the Vietnam War and about half of them were destroyed. I have I have may be a big key and just just from ones had been in on the ground and from from the number of helicopter doesn't have had the pleasure of meeting and talking to and interviewing over the years. You know it's like plan a school bus for crying out loud agreements. Who are athletes. Oscar. Well thanks. Issuing helicopter OK let me actually live that actually fabulous helicopter. Militia easy to fly. Did you put it Jacob a lot of damage and they'll continue to fly the mission in the war at least get home. So it was such a nominal nominal aircraft. I've I've talked with a lot of good guys who were transported. Memo who were. Rescued by a helicopters in Vietnam. There is a deeper appreciation. From many of Vietnam veteran from the service you guys throughout. Absolutely. I met him that was one of the things that we did come. We're not only include them. And they held that we we come back out again. I'm Joseph Galloway got a great job with the video that he made available on YouTube called god don't let it check. That was we're trying to. Well yeah. Now I have I'm going to be learning more about this weekend we can talk a little bit about it men met down the road sometime we'll set something up but this this track to tell me about this traveling piece that you guys have. Yeah. OK we yeah be our chapter we have eighty. 48 foot. Traveling museum 48 foot trailer. They gained trailer that we converted. Oh we owe them we began construction on that how are around twenty and funny eleven. Mom and it was finished around 2012. Like a 48 that trailer. Oh we don't hammer on track and what so we know we make our own. Am and we have some volunteer organization that tracking organization. That helped shall Elia. We search. And shepherd does trucking. And few others. Com and we let them leave. I'd take you to them around to different down Romania again third grader call us greater Denver area. You promote. Ed you educating the public about the Vietnam more the role of the helicopter. In media in the war. So we do we leave and nobody could kind of bench a year and they can be air shows. Better under down. Schools we have taken a few high school choose choose that as part of the third. History program. We've we've also should remember John Q could you had different Dutch gold just talk about. Talk about the Vietnam more initial doctor's role in an. That's primarily what our organization as all of out of action and you know question they Vietnam War what's called it helicopter war. Yeah I'm hands and the reason Ford is. As an example that stage Huey helicopter flew. Or over seven million hours of combat time during the Vietnam War. And are you believe that this is the most of any combat aircraft of any war. Shuttle. Yeah it was pretty prevalent. Around. That's remarkable a couple of things. You can go to the give it to the guys website which is which is the wise thing to do but tentatively on their schedule on their website they've got to eerie air fair and expo coming up and Augustin. They'll be over the Broomfield veterans museum. Are good friends up there that we have are from Broomfield days in September so. Couple things human not too distant future birth to the web site a good place to go lots to learn. From going to that twitches RT MC VH PA dot com RMC VHP dot com we'll get to there. You can also find a month. I'm no FaceBook so aside from trying to find those other forty guise of there's folks of listening that would like to be involved somehow they can make donations on the website right. Yes they can now I know we don't have. God directly through donations. Are what they can do is they can't. Contact Neil orbit treasurer. Through the web site. Look at our mail. The mailbox which is RMC dot mailbox. At And now I'm doubt we can make arrangement or donations. Or visit their dad Danielle are down and we accept donations there. They donation and help us to bring this museum achieve the public should. I like actually we don't have contractors just sometimes we need fuel and drivers and and things like that when there's so there's also maintenance on the trailer that we you have to do we have to do Daniel Leo she. Introspection and hand. And of course may yeah actually get broad there. Were they so the donations helped us continue our our mission which is to. Bringing yeah bring the message to the public. Yep I'm telling you move the organization as acts on two guys at dinner art unit are. Look these are crazy guys to do what they did in the war so their whole Lotta fun now army mirrored. You survived that you told me everything Yeltsin is a scissors. You can come back did you try to your service. At a time when flying leaves a Vietnam veteran is starting to feel perhaps a bit more appreciated than at any time before right. Yeah. When we when we came back from Vietnam. The public little understood Google. What the Vietnam Maher was about. What we did well leisure car. Dillinger. Yeah tumultuous. Time. During our history. And when we came home we weren't heroes that their work today. And do we. We have to I had a group brotherhood of Vietnam better. I didn't have made a pledge that no we would not allowed to happen K any other. Any other try dean yeah same group. From the foreign lord don't you John soiled. Orange oil that. That doesn't. Folks back home hasn't. Little wonder handing out. Com and so we'd. Came conscious of America. The. Never allow this. Can happen again and as a result. Over the years with the war big shoulders and viewed as he road trip they are. Found. Oh million of course shall lead them. Honored. You to listen to be recognized. As heroes that we were dream now more. And jumped to around I've I'm proud everyone of you have a guy I was with you Saturday and even Matt the last POW released from Vietnam and Aaron you desert pull a surprise us. Well yes yeah I wanna remembers where you could do it in captivity three and a half tries here Bob white. We have shadow locked in media Indonesia him hand and his story as well. So yeah I guess I encourage people live what they see us she didn't she and then come on out there that can come out there's just so we have a lot of surprises in that trailer. Well but we'll try to find the right time for you to be out of the memorial because they're really want to trailer to come out people to come by and see it out of the sudden council would keep we'll keep our eyes open for that but. Again I didn't wanna say thanks were for coming out and donating last Saturday and thanks for for all you do it's a great organization and hopefully will encourage some people listening today to help out. Well thank you very much we we would love to come out and join you out there at street our freedom memorial woods with trailer. Would be option. Our ideal hate take care my friends stay cool talks soon. Are right there you go jailhouse. And again it is the Iraqi not chapter of the Vietnam helicopter pilots association. These guys who just are who they are an absolute. And they are great guys. Com you know passionate about their service. Proud of their services they well should be. And this little traveling mute not little this this semi traveling museum there's we'll get it out to the memorial invite you to come out and join us sometime various. Like I talked him into the good guys here we go aborted due to an. USO. Linear view who served out there remember the US so visiting you while you were deployed there while you're overseas and in country. The US so they've got some things coming up here in town to another pretty active right here in the metro area I did DIA and definitely yes. Federal building put chat with the USO and next on the Colorado veterans resource show it Creason 1430. Military service of our citizen soldiers with the Colorado veterans of resort show time from. Valuable information for those who have served. It's the Colorado veterans resource show this Sunday afternoon read your cruise in 1430 to show that is by 4 PM the routes Colorado veterans and we look forward to share in this time with each week saluting service you know talking about things have to veterans are doing and our community and other things that people are doing in support of them I have for a long time known about the rocky mountain navy association here. You know along the front range stand them in a bunch of folks that are associated with it in fact got it there are Colorado freedom memorial. The navy is probably is active out there is any buddy we have pinning ceremonies attitude though the freedom memorial often we have may be retirements and lot of led ceremonies that are important to the navy that they. Choose to do out of the memorial which we we always look forward to but a couple of weeks ago when we have some damage done with the memorial. Right to know and maybe was one of the very first to step up. And say hey we wanna give to a donation and try to help with repairs and so it was at that point if I you know I've. I need to learn more about this organization what they do in and I should have known that suited to my rescue would come to cure and have known for a lot of fierce. Thanks for sometime this afternoon appreciate. I'm glad we're glad to do it. I wanted to start though with your career and let people know is 'cause you served in mid am do you know kind of a little background Abacha. Well have been we intend to tell you couldn't help my. Brief description of dirty old. I viewing dvd is still have drug. Well schooled colleges the University of Michigan. I served on active duty that maybe or about five years. And don't. Major part of that trauma trauma destroy or off of Korea are go out there. It's basically after the plane stopped but there's still I don't think people want all of us and after I got out of there may be I know that I want to go to law school. And so did that junior went consumers' traditional school graduated there in 1960. My wife and I we were married in 1950 times photo had control shoulder by that time and we won't have moved to a big city and yet I'm only fittingly picked Denver. And we didn't care received inspired. Maybe career continued because I joined the navy reserve. Not because they didn't do a lot of power but because we're going to law school with two small children that GI bill and very small and so limited life and should join me and you loser and you get paid soon so I joined in Montreal at even power. A total of 35 years and I retired in 1988 is terribly hurt my. Nice. Oh well served career any career they didn't end there I mean Dix bay is an example of you know those that I have come to know when Mitt NB friend over the years to. And once said sense of services in Europe doesn't leave when you who you know finally retire from military service or are discharged. Yeah you know it doesn't necessarily go way it remains a part of your fiber of the earth things that your lessons that you learned there are friendships that you formed there are things you take away from the military service that. You know remain a part of view an interview well later in life frank. Well it does and I I think so many veterans so much for our community there's very. A sense of unity and and and a whole different ways I mean that's. They need to join and become part of group and stick with that they enjoy the camaraderie it's. The feeling that they've gone through things are not a lot of the people that had immunity same group. I've gone through and hit it really helped serve extra ability if you will on him I didn't get in there were very veterans corps recruit finding mayor that. So that you did joining together to help feed children get treated court. And I am not gonna graduate. Makes all the difference in the world. The recommend maybe association come reform to do you know him as as many organizations do they start and end. Average average good beginning in and perhaps a little bit of a low and in general. Regrouped catch their breath recommend maybe association reformed in 2009. As a not for profit organization and does a lot of things in this community doesn't Dick. Well it doesn't doesn't it's it's been around for a long time actually yeah it has had its ups and downs. But it's not a large group that's post may need to I guess people like you need. Who. We're in reserve. I've stated reassure. Retired and reserve and live in Denver and we did a lot while we're. More drilling and and doing our reserve time. And we're I guess sometimes the early 1990s. We decide to form a group and no it's the most ones who cornerstone around. So we slowed down a little bit. But we have about 65 dues paying members. And then that tree about 35 or forty of those you fairly active. Okay. And I can Immelt moved I'll take that. A well intended to smaller group over the whole bunch of people would just get together for a luncheon keynote. We can well and we do do some good things go when we heard about what happened there. So you're saying that you get extra created really a father I would. There was just plain wrong hands and we don't. So we've been charged do is that it's very little the money kind of builds up again and we knew we won't try to use com. I think like Tiffany did so much sand it's true we other. So mental part because we control how they've got food. There. Can't you know you've you've gotten yeah and how horrible wasn't what happened just. Totally you know. You're not I didn't accomplish anything that Google. We we've also used money for instance this is some time liberal would there were a bunch of maybe nurses if you will. But we're stuck so we're we're in the mideast I forget exactly where they work. Short of towels and shorter bench each further from the hospital. Can he could not get the truth than normal I. Procedures if you will of the Levy or the husband okay and and so what this couple of people did went down into the various. OK okay they're burned and collected a bunch of used. She couldn't towel so we're still good still clean up these bundled them up until about UPS and. And we got there and that's important. There's only one set to leave the dude GI to figure out how to Walter very good exception that the good news radio pearl. Then you've spoken are yes sure banquet yes you'll recall that yup. We don't we. Always wanted to Marine Corps color guard to be Erica said. Well I think there's always the sharpest and he would groups not to give that you bad I don't need to know that quote simply doesn't matter that's correct and they have to do it ninety and besides buying their dinner. What Iraqis now may be dead words to pay for their hotel room for that matter so I. Each of the isn't the members of the U color guard note five. With their wives could damage after the dinner have a nice seeing the American hotel. And didn't think I thought to be lucky not maybe stop. I know there're. Programs interim but important to the group two to tread if not only educate do of the community about what two of the navy doesn't continues to do here. But I find middle a lot of people are very surprised to hear that there are Marine Corps navy detachment so out of Buckley air force previously seemed. Surprised by that news. You can pinch you can imagine my surprise when I get promoted and reserve won't come back abortion do you keep my wife. My wife. The navy uniform not. Outbreak is I'm scared I'll look at my wife could pick me up at Bieber channeling or some sizzle to what this country are doing out there all white and most. With the equipment the equipment put. But but this year they they are here they serve well and as part of the Rocky Mount may be association. I know you try to engage you know some programs to assist those that serve both to educate the community and affect legislation as well also it's a pretty wide agenda. Yeah I isn't and we tried to have we need to have weekly. Mean week we meet monthly. Plan we have usually Connie Connie tribe there are sometimes we get very good speaker Jim. We don't bother him I actually love movement so strong ever missed because each time. Club has just food and started or complaining. About it to me the guys do so we've had some good moves we had. Live to do militarily. So war college in Newport there are only had a little real world right several who's ahead and release sea systems command so we've had some major speakers we've had others just. Just wondered that is now gone back on active not active duty did as a contractor. To be going back into them direction Afghanistan to work and we don't have one who has has been tried for years and didn't Afghanistan. With the State Department can do a lot of stores felt so we get some good moves and just mediocre ones and then sometimes we don't get anymore just. Each other complaints. What which is you know it it wouldn't. It wouldn't be a group of veterans together if there wasn't one or two complaints included a minute conversation right well I wouldn't want it pretty. In addition all of this there amid them both for we run out of time here today. I know V him employers of support for the guard reserve has been so important to you when you've been so instrumental in creating. Pretty successful program here in Colorado and I'd love for you don't have to talk about it a bit just brag about it a bit. How well it it's there but I I think we did do a lot of good things future employers for the guard and reserve military. Department defense agency and it was created to help. Those employers who employee Gardner assure people bought half of our military is in the garden reserved. And they were finding that the employers sometimes clue there population that they hadn't read a second job that they. Well what can patients about fruitful kind Baltimore ahead view and so our job is to work or if he can I employers to. But also to try mutual needs for the guard reserve and it's probably too good employer and say higher garden observed. Fanatical they would you hire veteran. And and so we got heavily involved in that match back in 20092010. When you unemployment rate not only this reading world look poorly but tomorrow we should treat my heart. And basically we hold all the agencies many groups together resident E'Twaun kinda do their own thing. We pull them together and and I ended up putting on a three day event we didn't doesn't have a models. Where we brought the current mood of the veterans and for the first two days and help them get prepared for. I get a job or address how to do I do resonate how to interview almost kind of cringe wished they really need. And then on the third day we bring me employers. And what goes veterans who went through the first two days. We'll get to go and approached two hours slowly employers further and we found those to be unbelievably successful we had a hiring great we can't we can't. True true person. We think we have hiring me to war pony percent. And the normal job fair will be employer and on Brady usually go 1%. So all working together and bringing other agencies now there are many good of generic I just don't have time to talk about all sure. By working together. I am alone together that made so much chance. Thanks so we recognize this they're not sure. And so if somebody's listening of an employee you're is listening. Two days that thinks you mamma mamma wanna find out about this and organizations are Witten somewhere we can direct them. Yes but I don't. Okay that's that's fine number. I'll give them from UN for anybody listening right now just know if you go to the Colorado veterans resource page your give us day. Mr. go to the page all posts that information on our website to him that people be able to do that there yeah and they would appreciate it very much excellent excellent well. It is always a pleasure to catch up with your pro I appreciate the time arm I'm sorry it's been so long I'm sorry it took a little incident at the or cholera free memorial to make it happen but. And thanks thanks for sharing some of your time. That paper in chilling thought you hold your hard work and dedication to do this guy could move can't we just try to do it. I appreciated that take care my friend though according okay what would talk again sooner than we did this time. Under the age you bet there you go in med that's. Rear admiral retired Dick young who is. Just a wonderful. A supporter of the veterans community and a veteran himself and you know I'm preaching to the choir tuck in all you guys you know this story when she served there's just. From for a lot of people not everybody somebody servant and would prefer just to walk away with from it can be done with him but there are a number who. Once they've had a taste disservice wanna continue with it after their military career and it's a great example of that more to do it's to Colorado veterans resource show. Valuable information for those who have served. The Colorado veterans resource show the program by a 4 AM about our Colorado veterans and we look forward to being here with you every Sunday at this time. Import out say well we've been hearing from lots and lots and lots of you which is great that's the whole idea the program how can we help can we make things better. For those of you just have served that continue to serve in those that support them and I'm telling you what the longer we do this program the more I learned of our great. Organizations. And great things straight here in our community. Then often unfortunately don't give the time that they deserve her or should have and I think the horse protection league just one of these. Do you folks up in our data me. Have a little bit more of an understanding. The horse protection league and I'm not to American and moved to sit here and pretend amoled Dave tell you about that Dave are you doing. I'm doing a wonderful one and yeah of course Davis one of directors Dave check goes one of the directors up with the idea torture horse protection league opted to ranches. Look let's start about that first lets the let says begin at the ranch what do great historical property rights. It is it's great we were great partnership with the city or bad that your work that out of them. Surging energy and bring home per reaching out. John churches. As the story goes traveled by ox team with some others two gold fields and 1859. Their name was church arson that was changed to churches after the civil and ranching golden. And we we go with their story and their connection to right here in Colorado and they did wonderful work in their own lives and then the property. Of the city of Fo. And it's being used now work quite beautifully by the horse protection league can love the name. Of the organization how how'd you have become by being a director. Well actually moved to Colorado couple years ago but look import organization to get all put the check them out one Saturday afternoon and Arnold Palmer opened volunteer day at least. Just fell in love with the place. So that is the mission. Is too is really dead to help courses right. It is gates to older I'm we actually are made mention daughters rebel forces are. And that's side note that it even written in our and our mission statement is empowering people to help each other people we have horses and help each other acts. IE. Have come to learn through the course of this show come because there a couple of organizations. Around Colorado to use equine therapy for veterans who peace TP TE ST you know like. I've come to learn about the UD incredible ability of horses to connect with humans. It's nurture nurture we have some great relationships that are doled out. And so I'll bet the ranch. Just just spending time with one another right. We didn't and it and it occurred at firmly say that. The net change stayed together Q you know I'm gonna be they're be excited to see. So so tell me about two how this all works and how does horse protection league come in Newt took possession of these horses and and tell me about two about. Restoring their health. Yeah and so I'm or just come to us through a variety of methods they could be owner surrenders they treat the found part of a larger rescue around the theater owner courses you may keep up with other rescue to take Q I'm. And they can be donated to a judge. Fast. And you look at courses from many many years that aren't able take caravan park station they still have a loving home and there and the pure joy sometimes there. They're cliche because it's complicated. And in bad situation there well. Is it Ben. Well I'm sorry go ahead. There and then later delivery or my elder to depend on their situation. Sure and. The com I would imagine that one of the very first things you have to do is just real real story there. Their trust straight do you regain their trust let him know that says that that humans that they interact with their are not and harmed them. Art then add to nurture those are richer than its followers and you can't problem. And I have been neglected or cut at the zero human interaction and so that's on the and that takes months to really build those relationships up. I'm I'm seeing his been going through the website and looking at these beautiful animals and in seeing their available. For adoption and I'm seeing ages like you know 1416 years old for some for some of these horses how normal horse live. It didn't caring about who we we've got to put it over thirty years old. So as I can imagine somebody you know what uneducated like me looking and saying wow sixteen years old I don't I don't know how long. And only get attached to somebody might lose throw quickly but. As long as you can as few as the as the owner help them maintain their health and keeping men in good stead do they they could be around quite a while with your. Yeah yeah. So fit as you and I were talking before we before we hop on Mir together. This being a show for military veterans there's actually. About once a week program for veterans that your part of ranked. There that there is their console we have street airs at Durant that are trying to open two volunteers. Become and on Monday it's we have our veteran perimeter small group of veterans that Paramount. Doing a relationship up where an individual horse and I'll take care of that course of their. And then on Wednesday it reached Saturday at your local volunteers it's wherever it comes and helps market look sources doubt she'd. Henri water everything. Now he stood the veterans come from from a specific group. They don't they originally they started that way it is kind of we take our own little group. From the pockets that are right. That's OK and and I've had veterans here on the program and in the studio who have said. That at the time they spend it with courses is you know. It gets caught it takes them out of pretty dramatic situations that they still relive in their head and it's that it's that one moment where they don't have to talk to people about what happened they don't have the the drama of duty you know that comes a lot of times with human interaction it's just them in this beautiful creature in the and they can just they can feel. You know the anger in the anguish and a bit of that just melt away. Oh yeah definitely great to watch or. It's great to watch our veteran U resources. So so Dave folks listening who like me had no idea about the horse protection looked leaguer or even the churches though the degree ram chip there. How can they get involved as it is replacing come up then and see how how does all that work. More slowly so we actually do actual work. And to every on every Wednesday and Saturday. Right after 9 o'clock. And that's open or you don't you don't have to make your car GPU to show up that day and all have someone like you'd your brief tore through the proper branch. I threw the ball Force Protection and they did well. Excellent. Well nominate keep lived the website in the in the phone number close course why haven't. Our. Interview for whenever they they have time going forward but they're great work that you do and up there and I appreciate a little bit retirement menu Macon this marker a smarter about the program. And are you got to take your my friend. All right there you go Dave to check oh and again. The place is called the ranch. Church's ranch. It was renovated by the city of our data. As I mentioned it's on the national registry of historic places. And it's up to Wear off of about two you know who eightieth and highway 93. It's a bit east of doubt right. In it they are always looking for volunteers up there for your interest in working with horses. Please give them some consideration a lot of fun a great way to help these horses in if you go to their website which is the horse protection league dot org. You can see the horses that are available for adoption and adoption fees for these animals are are not crazy hi I'm looking at 250 box. For some of the animals 200 there are those that. Could be written there are others that so are just companion horses because of teacher held third. Or whatever but but they've got a lot of naps that is a part and parcel of their mission up there. To bring horses back to good health and get them adopted to loving home so. Just coincidentally the two weeks in a row we've had the horses as a topic here on the show but. Yeah that says that's pretty fascinating the horse protection league and if you're interested in being part of that. New veterans group that goes up there and in the hangs up and does things well Lou you know drop by and see him up there right and take care of that yeah her group Google and you can find them on Google. The horse protection league 3032160141. 3032160141. Or if you wanna head up that way in visited 17999. West sixtieth avenue in our got a 179 men need dine. West sixtieth avenue would you choose to them the horse protection league are we probably won't have horses on again next week. After a couple not that that's a bad thing now of course is a bit after the shock of whom we've done all horse I knew her for a couple weeks aren't well no more horses for the rest of today's show anyway we've got lots more to do. Segment coming up did stick Colorado veterans resource show right each year. On cruise some fourteen there. Military service of our citizen soldiers with the Colorado. Veterans resource show. Valuable information for those who have served. The Colorado veterans resource showed this Sunday afternoon the program by 4 PM the problem Colorado veterans could this year this time with you every Sunday and great show today we got one more segment and I'm glad Patrick with us here today you know it's about back to school time right campuses fire and up everywhere both. Colleague Jim in public schools locally getting ready to go back and that's the case down it to CU Denver is well enough Patrick Brown is the director of the office of veteran military student services. I was excited to talk to him religious kind of representative of what happens on a lot of campuses for it to see you Denver does a pretty good job. Of all of this or UC Denver's city. There's still like to be known Patrick tell you don't. You're worried I'm doing they okay thanks now first summit I'm just gonna make the assumption so I probably shouldn't but I'm gonna assume that. That you yourself were in in that you know otherwise would be hard to be the director she did have some firsthand knowledge of this whole thing. Absolutely I think we're very fortunate very we have prided ourselves on making sure that. On the stat in this shot miserably then Serb population that we serve console I did serve in the military. I'm from 20012003. I'm US army end. Somehow fell into this that's in the military do you services sounds and the university and found the pin. Great unemployment looking worse. Yeah it's. A great program there in the end do locally one of the first programs and no because I've been talking about a four. Quite some time now. Come talk to a little bit for folks that aren't familiar with which you do there. Or worthy or the program their talk a little bit about what it is you do. And so. What we deal we are decent I believe this centralized point. On campus for all veterans and military related student. We drag our core function obviously you can if you guys are not familiar is I'm providing education benefits. Look I'm a lot of our service members are entitled to a lot of that education benefits and that's our core function making sure that we process who benefits they're getting paid. Feature enabled and you get their books getting classes taken classes that they needed an eight foot eagle a little bit more farther than that. In terms of just being a central. Point on campus and you Serb military related to and so we can have a three pillar approach on how we serve our military related students. From the first pillar in terms of trying to. Help them transition team the university. Of as many new might know take immediate challenge at times. So getting them in the university make injured. There ready to go to classes they have their benefits so. They understand. What classes they need to be and com. And then the second pillars just really supporting them while you're on campus and we do that through tutoring services mental health support. Com our student organization. Scholarships. And then the third pillar is really helping them transition out of the university and do whatever career filled. They want to the end derived the proceeds from professional development group. So. The veteran military student services opted to or over it see you Denver in this also. Do carries over to the end cheats campus. Military friendly university serving active duty reserves guard so veteran NBA dependent students though. It's a pretty big. It wide path of folks that they helped up there. And in great programs as you mentioned I mean to dental clinic is is pretty cool boots to suits his pretty cool. I know from I've become an affiliate professor after Regis in and get him involved with the history course up there and stories from more time in a lot of dues for students in the class juniors are. Veterans who have. Discharged them you know they have served deployments and in Iraq and Afghanistan and other places him. And and I understand to chatting with him the challenges right to have it be a little bit different than the rest of the student campus because they served. At a time most. Then you know war against the in the global war on terror so there's there are as you mentioned some mental things are dealing with some transition things are dealing with it's great they've got a place like you did that can help some. Absolutely absolutely. I think that's really what we try to focus on is just making sure that. We can set them up for success not only transition into the university. Tom put transitioning now thin. A lot of our students they are mission focus themselves when they come to the university. They're goal then mission it is. I wanna completed degree and I'm ready to move on I'm ready to get into whatever career filled a lot of BN or. Maybe I wanna move on and decent graduate studies or these and other things but they're really here to complete. Whatever Michigan or education gold as they have. Do you find there are they're looking for people who have shared experiences with them to connect to win a third they still keep them largely to themselves. I'm the sort carried interest xenon. That's we've we have found that thumb when musicians come on campus that they really want to connect where. Similar appears. We've seen that in our setter and it is kind of there lately come to our senators they use our services and then they start to kind of a simulated. And adapt to the culture of a college campus release here for a few semesters there really involved. And then they kind of blended and then go on to whatever. Some degree course or program there and we hand printed that he would business students a lot they're here for a couple semester really involved in that chair in the military and he really close. With all the students to have military guys and and they. We kind of skirt that. I'm Linden where. Business school I'm clubs do our. When they didn't and they big kind of get away from their identity of being a military related student to be in a college student. And any you know what that's okay that means you've done your job Brad lamm who. It's it's one of the it's one of the things were the less you see them a better job you know you're doing helping them. You know return to normal is not right but but find their way about it. They're good for you come how many like Mike do you expect you to know this but. A large population of you know military students there at at CU. Well so far academic years and sixteen and seventeen we had over 15100 military related students and. When I think military related scenes there's. The commentary on the veteran but there is active service members were reserve National Guard and then obviously. The families of these students that yeah. Yeah how perfect that degree number. Lot of people get back in and try and look dude it's you know this well in and I've been rendered a lot I was in for six years myself for very long time ago but. You know there are a lot of what we learned in the military there's not comparable. Profession stuff. To what we did in the service. You know in the civilian world so is so this becomes a really important. Help somebody get to. Reestablished. Heavier perhaps and something that they always wanted to do something maybe similar to what they were doing but took. To find something that's you know lead to you know our career. Outside the military. Yeah absolutely and I mean Leggett said we still have folks that are active. Is preserved so they are actively still serving in the military. Pursue an education. Easy enough for folks to a fight Joseph on the campus and and to get involved due to learn more about two programs right. Well absolutely anything we have a great model here where everything essential and central in one Senator Obama all the Russian servers there's all of our programs and then we work really really closely. Tom with other programs and com. The throughout the university for example the heroes clinic. Some that provide dental care for our veterans. Then Marcus Green in two leg there's just a lot of programming met says. Come from. The different things that we've done. Perfect. Well Patrick goes either really congratulate you on the great work you in the the whole team over there. Is doing is it sits Pannemon cool to watch it grow over the years appreciate what you're doing continued success have a great school you're. Thank you. Are right there you go Patrick Brown he has. Director of the office of military and veteran and military student services over UC Denver. And also includes the end shoots medical campus said the fuel to Simmons but. They say they're mission statement creating positive transition and support programs for student service members and veterans and their families. In order to support their transition into academics. Increase their graduation success rate and assist them in achieving placement in their chosen career field following graduation. That's a whole lot of elephant to chew on right there and congratulations to them for the work that they're doing. And it's not just at CU DU has programs Regis has programs right metro has programs so so school mind tennis programs all of them trying. To be. A supportive of veterans as they transition back into civilian life you know life of academia so. It was fun to share that with you the good work they're doing or did you see Denver there you go somebody suggested we have that sigma by the way. And we're glad to do it right here in the Colorado veterans resource show. Well my friends there you go just like that we've run out of time for another Colorado veterans resource show here crews in 1430 Rick Crandall with you thank you again for tuning in and spending part of your Sunday with us. And for those of you who wore the uniform proudly over the years and retired or were discharged from military service thank you for serving and those that continue to serve today in the garden reserves and an active duty. We thank you for keeping us safe and depending are the defending our freedom every day. Good show today and remember if you wanna be in touch with Cisco to cruise in 1430 dot com go to the Colorado veterans resource show page you can reach out to a straight there. If you've got an idea for not coming programmer adjusted like this to have on. And remember also each week show is is archive director on the page you can listen to added anytime if you missed one are ranked. Have a great week everybody would do this again next Sunday crews in 1430.