Dementia Resilience - 2.5.17

Sunday, February 5th


Dementia Resilience with Jill Lorentz is a new and innovative talk show on Cruisin' 1430 that aims to get at the heart of types of dementia that affect our homes, lifestyles and our communities. The goal of our show will be to focus on what our person with dementia can still achieve, not what they have lost.  Although we will take a close look at what each of you are currently experiencing at home with your loved one’s diminished abilities, we will take that information and learn how we can build a sensitive understanding of cognitive loss and building strategies to create positive daily interactions.  The key will be to understand Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is not normal aging and that we now have to accept that cognitive functioning is compromised.

Being a caregiver is the definition of resiliency!  Resilient people are known for their ability to see challenges and find solutions.  They are survivors, not victims.  As resilient minded individuals, we look for positive outcomes for any problems we encounter, and tend to use a calm approach, to find solutions that will lead to a positive outcome.  Each week our segments will help you find rational solutions to the trials of everyday living with dementia and its symptoms, and lead you to understanding that you can be in control of your situation. Your actions can and will affect your ability to cope, make good choices, and even though the journey at times can be tough, help you to see a future with safe outcomes. Live shows will allow listeners to ask questions about what is concerning them, and experts who are weekly guests will guide us through legal, financial, research, and healthcare issues that arise with these different types of dementia.