Car Doctors Podcast

The Car Doctors Podcast.


The Car Doctors 01/28/2017 Podcast

Saturday, January 28th
This weeks Guest is Jeff Alexander to talk about the Big game next weekend! Check it out! Final Show for the Car Guys until next time thank you for your...

The Car Doctors 01/21/2017 Podcast

Saturday, January 21st
Our guest today was Jim Kemper of the Colorado Dept. of Health and Environment is back on the show to talk 'Emissions!' Jim is a supervising engineer at one of...

The Car Doctors 01/14/2017 Podcast

Saturday, January 14th
Mr. "I don't get No Respect!" Dave Newlon, who is the Rodney Dangerfield Revival, and performs at Comedy Works and the Improv and is a hoot, is on the show...

The Car Doctors 01/07/2017 Podcast

Saturday, January 7th
Today on The Car Doctors Scotty's friend Tom, who owns Hands-On Auto Tech in Longmont, is on the show! Tom used to be on the air with Scotty and Harley years...

The Car Doctors 12/31/2016 Podcast

Saturday, December 31st
Scotty's good friend Gordon Dornan is on the show! He's an avid collector of model cars with over 700 model cars in his collection! Great Tips on staying safe...

The Car Doctors 12/17/2016 Podcast

Saturday, December 17th
Today's guest on The Car Doctors was Jon Lesko, who was a Top-End Engine Engineer and Researcher at the Ford Motor Company, in the studio with us. A wealth of...