MaxFunds Pet Talk

Sunday 1PM – 1:30PM

Our pets enrich our lives in more ways than we can count. They are members of the family.  In turn, they depend on us for their safety and wellbeing. MaxFund’s Pet Talk will entertain while giving helpful information on the best way to care for our pets and show them how much we care. Each week MaxFund host Kathy Gaines will interview guests who will share their expertise giving you tips on the best care for your pets and how to help our community of lost and homeless dogs and cats. 

About MaxFund

MaxFund challenges the traditional methods of animal sheltering by leading the no-kill movement in Colorado. MaxFund strives to give animals, including the injured, abandoned and abused a "second chance at life".

MaxFund takes every animal it has the space for. Every animal is kept until its owner is found or it is placed in a new adoptive home.

MaxFund was founded in 1988 to provide medical care for injured pets with no known owners, and to seek out new homes for these animals once they have recovered.

In 2016:

  • MaxFund found forever homes for 1360 cats and dogs. (has found homes for 31,983 since inception).
  • MaxFund provided 3283 spay/neutering services (48,721 since inception).
  • MaxFund provided medical care for over 4166 private pets at its low cost veterinary clinic.

Want to know more about MaxFund and how you can help?  Call (303) 595-4917  or online at

*All opinions expressed by any Pet Talk guest is solely their opinions and do not reflect the opinions of Maxfund Animal Adoption Center or their affiliates